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Why Billboards Advertising?


For the past many decades and generations, outdoor billboards have survived and thrived through time simply because consumers can’t miss a good creative and eye catching advertisement. Why billboards?

25 Hours Spent on the road (on average a week)*


36% Spoke & posted about the ad, And recommend the brand.


71% Searched for the brand, visited the advertiser website & social media page.


Engagement Potentials

Source: Article feature June 11, 2019 Billboard Insider on Nielson presentation of 2019 Out of Home Advertising Study at the 2019 OAAA Show. Data researched in the U.S. for a survey over the past 12 months. Data percentages featured here are combined and briefly described.


Outdoor billboards is probably the most cost effective advertising medium in the world. A traditional billboard displays your ad 24hours a day, 7 days a week and you only pay a One time investment amount to be viewed by thousands of eyeballs per day or even hundreds of thousands and millions per week and each month.

This undoubtedly makes billboard a great hedging tool for your advertising spent budget and this is what makes Over 100 years old company(s) a faithful user to keep their Brands alive and loyal over the many generations of consumers.

Ads Displayed 24 hours daily, 7 days a week

Viewed by ‘000s & millions eyeballs

Highly cost Effective & Excellent Ads Budget Hedge

Increased Consumer Confidence & Highly effective Branding

Creative Adaptability Potentials